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Next Level Wrestling Club


2014 Next Level Wrestling Club Schedule Will be added this week!

Events, Tournaments - Scrimmages- Camps - and more!

Check back this week as full schedule will be uploaded!


2013 Next Level Wrestling Club Schedule

Spring Summer and Fall Tournaments 

March 7th -          1st Practice                                     WCHS Wrestling Room
March 12-            CLUB SCRIMMAGE #1             Skyline HS
March 16-17       MAWAS DIST. QUALIFIER      Fauquier HS  
March 30-            VALLEY DOMINATOR               Harrisonburg HS 
April 6/7             MAWAS REGIONALS                   Salisbury, MD
April 13 -            Car Wash #2                                   Auto Zone
April 16-                CLUB SCRIMMAGE #2                Skyline HS
April 20               Skyline Tournament                     Skyline HS
April 27               GENERALS BRAWL                        Stonewall Jackson HS                       
May 4                 CLUB CAR WASH - 2                      Auto Zone
May 4                 MAWAS NATIONALS                    Salisbury,MD
May 4                 MAT MADNESS                              Baltimore MD
May 14               CLUB SCRIMMAGE - 3                  Skyline HS              
May 18-           WC Home Tournament             Warren County HS                  
June 1                Elite Summer Scramble            Broad Run HS
June 8                  Car Wash # 3                                  Auto Zone
June 11               Club Scrimmage - #4                   Skyline HS
June 14/15         Choose Top Leg Camp                Skyline HS
June 15               Little Hammers                           Bloomsburg
June 22               Melee' till Midnight                    Madison HS
June 23-27        ALL AMERICAN CAMP,PA         Latrobe, PA
June 28-29       Dirty South Duals                        Forest Park
July 13                SUMMERSLAM                           Millbrook HS
July 22-24         WARREN COUNTY CAMP         WCHS

Interstate 64 Tournament 

Super 32 



**Please check back for updates throughout the spring and season.**

2011 NLWC Events
To get a flyer for the tournament simply double click on the event and the link will open.  Scrimmages and Camps will be listed on the camps link.  Flyers will also be available in club.
March 1st -          1st Practice                                     WCHS Wrestling Room
March 5th -        SHENANDOAH SIZZLER           Turner Ashby HS
March 8th-         CLUB SCRIMMAGE #1               Skyline HS
March 12th-      MAWAS DIST. QUALIFIER         James Wood HS
March19-20-     MAWAS DIST. QUALIFIER         Fauquier HS
March 26th-      BROADWAY BASH                       Broadway HS 
April 2nd-          BUENA VISTA TOURN                Parry Mcluer HS                
April 9                MAWAS Regional                        Salisbury MD
April 10th           Car Wash 1 (fundraiser)            Auto Zone
April 12th-          CLUB SCRIMMAGE #2             Skyline HS
April 16th-          NHSCA QUALIFIER                  Skyline HS
April 23rd-          VALLEY DOMINATOR              Harrisonburg HS
May 7/8                NHSCA Nationals                     Harrisburg, PA
May 7th-             GENERALS BRAWL                 Stonewall Jackson HS
May10th-          CLUB SCRIMMAGE #3              Skyline HS
June 4th-           AIRSHOWS CLASSIC                Warren County HS
June 11th-        BATTLE OF GETTYSBURG      Gettysburg HS
June 12th-       Car Wash #2 (11-3)                      Auto Zone
June 14th-       CLUB SCRIMMAGE #4               Skyline HS
June 26-30      ALL AMERICAN CAMP,PA        PA
July 9               SUMMERSLAM                            Millbrook HS
July18-20         CHOOSE TOP LEG CAMP         Skyline HS
July 23             FAUQUIER PRE SEASON BASH  Fauquier HS
July 25-29        WARREN COUNTY CAMP         WCHS
Sept 3               Super 32 Qualifier                         Skyline
Please check back in january for the 2012 schedule


 2010  Off Season Tournament List

Click on the Name of the tournament to link to the flyer

Date                           Tournament                                                Location

March 6                   MAWAS DISTRICT QUALIFIER       James Wood HS

March 20-21           MAWAS DISTRICT QUALIFIER        Fauquier HS

March 23-26           FRESHMAN/SOPHOMORE/JUNIOR Nationals   VA Beach

April 3                      VALLEY DOMINATOR                    Harrisonburg HS

April 10-11               MAWAS REGIONAL QUALIFIER       Shippensburg, PA (JW)

April 10-11             MAWAS REGIONAL QUALIFIER      Salisbury MD  (FQ)

**April 11                Car Wash Fundraiser                       Advance Auto

April 13                   Club Scrimmage                                Skyline HS

April 17                   Broadway Bash                              Braodway HS

April 24                    GENERAL SUMMER BRAWL           Stonewall Jackson

May 1                       NHSCA Qualifier                         Washington H.S. WV

May 8                      NHSCA QUALIFER                          SKYLINE HS

May 11                    Club Scrimmage                                Skyline HS

May 15                    Panther Open                               Rappahannock HS

May 22                    Spring Fundraiser                           

June 8                             Scrimmage # 3                                  Skyline HS

June 27- July 1      WVU Team Camp                                 WVU

July 2-4                     NHSCA OPEN                                Salisbury MD

July 20,21,22           LEG CAMP                                     Skyline HS

July 10                      SUMMERSLAM                               Millbrook HS

July 26-30               Warren County CAMP                    WARREN COUNTY HS

July 31                    Fauquier Tournamnet                     Fauquier HS

Fall Tournaments

Sept 12                    Super 32 Qualifier               Skyline HS

Sept 25                    Louisa Sizzler                       Louisa HS

Oct 30                      Super 32                                NC

Nov 6                      Husky Round Robin             Admiral Byrd MS





2009 Spring & Summer Schedule


Date              Location      Event                      

-March 14            Fauquier          MAWAS (Middle School)

-March 15          Fauquier         MAWAS (High School) 


-March 21        Turner Ashby   Shenandoah Sizzler


-March 28         Parry McCluer   Buena Vista Tournament 


March 31-         VA Beach      NHSCA JR/SR Nationals

April 5   


-April 11           Harrisonburg   Valley Dominator    


-April 18           NOVA I          Chantilly (Greco & Free)   


-April 25           Panther Open    Rappahannock HS    


-May 2           Summer Brawl   Stonewall Jackson Open


-May 9               Skyline           NHSCA Open


-May 28         Loudoun Valley  Club Scrimmage


-June 8 & 9    Summer Fundraiser at Applebee's


-June 13        Loudoun County LC Jamboree


-June 22-26       Warren Co     Wildcat Wrestling Camp


-June 29-July2   WVU          West Virginia Team Camp


-July 11          Millbrook        Summer Slam


-July 23-25      Skyline             Leg Camp


-August 1st     Fauquier HS        Fauquier Pre Season Bash


-August 5,6,7  Fauquier HS        Complete Series Camp


-October 3       Lousia HS             Lousia Open


-October 24    Greensboro,NC    Super 32



**Events will be added including tournaments, club scrimmages, and clinics**

All info will be posted in WC Wrestling room - click on the event for a flyer link

Fylers for all posted in WCHS wrestling room as well as a car pool list
              or email Coach Wadas
**WC TEAM CAMP Information is posted at - under support WC wrestling link






1)  MARCH 8th/9th    MAWAS @ Fauquier HS
2)  March 15th          Take it to the Mat @ Fort Defiance HS
3)  March 25-28th      Soph/Junior National @ VA Beach
3)  March 29th          WC K-8 Youth Tournament @ Warren County HS
4)  March 30th          Valley Dominator @ Harrisonburg HS
5)  April 5th              Hagerstown MD
6)  April 5th/6th        Elementary Nationals @ VA Beach
7)  April 26th              Freestyle @ Hayfield HS
8)  May 10th               NHSCA Districts @ Skyline HS
**May 21st - Club Scrimmage at Loudoun Valley
9)  May 24th-26th      NHSCA National Duals @ Salisbury MD
**June 19th - Club Scrimmage at Warren County 5-8pm 
11) June 28th-July2nd  Warren County Team Camp @ WVU
12) July 16th            Top Leg Camp @ Skyline HS
13) July 21st-25th    Wildcat Wrestling Camp @ WCHS
14) July 26th            SummerSlam @ Millbrook HS
15) August               Fauquier Preseaon Bash @ Fauquier HS
Sept 27th - Louisa September Sizzler - Louisa HS
October 4th -  Husky Pre Season Round Robin - Admiral Byrd Middle  School (Winchester)
October 14th - 17th - Fauquier Elite Wrestling Camp - At Kettle Run HS
October 18th - Halloween Havoc Takedown Tournament - Fauquier HS

**Events will be added throughout the summer including tournaments, club scrimmages, and clinics**

All info will be posted in WC Wrestling room and on our club website

Fylers for all posted in WCHS wrestling room as well as a car pool list
              or email Coach Wadas
**WC TEAM CAMP Information is posted at - under support WC wrestling link
2007 Schedule :

1)   March 25th    MAWAS @ Fauquier HS                 

2)   April 25th      1st Club Dual @ James Wood HS

3)   April 28th       NOVA I (FS) @ Hayfiled HS

4)   May 10th       2nd Club Dual @ Warren County

5)   May 12th       Millbrook NHSCA Qualifier 

6)   May 18/19th  All American Camp @ Hayfield  

7)   May 19th       Buffalso Gap NHSCA Qualifier   

8)   May 23rd       3rd Club Dual @ Fauquier HS   

9)   June 2nd       Sunshine Open @ Broadway HS    

                          Download the Sunshine/Broadway Flyer.

10) June 5th        4th Club Dual @ Loudoun Valley HS

11) July 10th       5th Club Dual @ Millbrook HS  

12) July 12th      Summerslam @ Millbrook HS  

                          Download the Summer Slam flyer!

13) July 16th - 20th  Warren County Wrestling Camp 

*See Coach Wadas for any information or flyers on events
**Please Check back often as events will be added throughout the off season as they are announced.


1) April 25th- James Wood    

2) May 10th - Warren County

3) May 23rd - Fauquier     

4) June 5th - Loudoun Valley  

5) July 10th  - Millbrook

** All Duals beginat 6 PM        


1) MARCH 25thMAWAS @ Fauquier


2) APRIL 28th -  NOVA Freestyle @ Hayfield 


3) MAY 12thMillbrook NHSCA Qualifier @ Millbrook


4) MAY 19th Buffalo Gap NHSCA Qualifier


5) JUNE 2nd Broadway - Sunshine Open


6) JULY 14thSummerslam – Millbrook HS


Warren County Wildcat Camp
  1. July 16th - 20th
  2. Click on Camp 07 link for a flyer
Gunston Wrestling Club
  1. All American Camp
  2. With Head Coach from Clarion
  3. May 18th and 19th at Hayfield (See coach Wadas or go to Virginia wrestling round up  for a flyer.)
Choose Top
  1. Leg Camp @ Fauquier HS
  2. See Coach Keel or go to Mat talk online for a flyer.